Carbon Capture and Storage

In the span of just two centuries, our civilization has released tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide that had been naturally stored underground for millions of years. This release has led to the climate crisis we are facing. To cope with this, our energy and industrial processes must be rapidly decarbonised. CO2 produced from industrial sources must be buried in a safe and sustainable manner.

Ad Terra Consultancy is firmly committed to decarbonisation and sequestration. The latter is supported by decades of expertise in reservoir exploration and development, with our experts working on both operational and applied research projects.

Current operational projects aim to inject CO2into the ground at oil and gas production and processing sites in order to considerably reduce their carbon footprints. The total storage capacity linked to our projects exceeds 4 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

In our applied research, we work closely with international industrial groups and a network of leading research laboratories, including the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). These studies aim not only to store the CO2 near production sites but also to use the fluid to create a closed-loop heat exchanger for the purposes of renewable heat and electricity production.

These approaches aim to maintain strategic industrial activities in Switzerland and Europe. They allow our clients and partners to demonstrate their full commitment to the environment and the climate through measurable activity based on an internationally standardised carbon credit system.

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Case studies

CCUS in Switzerland

This study summarises the results of our first-order conceptual feasibility study. We investigated the concept of injecting and circulating CO2 for geothermal energy production from potential CO2 storage formations (saline aquifers) in the Western part of the Swiss Molasse Basin.

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