Sustainable Water Resources Management

Access to sustainable water is a vital resource for the peaceful functioning of any society. With our expertise, we improve the water supply of arid regions or regions that may be adversely affected by climate change in the future.

Global warming intensifies water shortages. Droughts are no longer limited to traditional arid regions. Severe water restrictions are increasingly imposed in Europe, affecting the quality of life and human activities.

Groundwater is a precious resource with extraordinary potential. About 99% of the world’s fresh water in liquid form is groundwater, but it only makes for about 30% of the world’s freshwater supply.

Groundwater underpins drinking water supplies and sustains agriculture, industry and recreation, even in arid regions. Groundwater is also vital to surface water ecosystems, helping dilute and assimilate contaminants and mitigating flooding.

Sustainable water, wastewater and ecosystems management, through responsible water policies and coordinated actions of public and private stakeholders, are essential to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for all (UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6).

Our specialists understand water policies, water cycles and hydrogeological specificities of the world’s arid regions. We identify suitable sites and extraction systems using remote sensing, geophysical, hydrogeological, geochemical, and exploratory drilling methods. We can carry out projects to recharge aquifers – artificially or naturally – to provide freshwater supply.

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Case studies

Multi-Scale Karstic Reservoir Characterisation

Innovative multi-disciplinary approach (combining bore-hole imagery, core data, 3D seismic and field production) have been applied to better characterize and represent karstic features.

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