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Strategic Advice

We analyse your project’s potential from all perspectives: methodology, geological, technical, economic, legal, and financial. We support you throughout all stages of your project: feasibility studies, exploration phase, sizing of infrastructure, economics and forecasting, and verification of legal and administrative frameworks.

Targeted Advice

We provide targeted support for our clients and partners during key phases of a project. Whether it be during the planning or implementation phase, or the analysis and assessment of project plans, we will do our utmost to secure the best return on your investment.

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We will evaluate your project’s potential and opportunities for optimisation.

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Case studies

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) is considered essential for reaching a sharp reduction of the global CO2 emissions. Capturing CO2, from e.g. point sources, and injecting it in the geological subsurface, permanently isolates the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

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