Oil and Gas

The energy transition is a global priority. While a net zero carbon emission world is the target, fossil fuels will continue to play a key role in the global energy system for decades.

Fossil fuels currently account for 84% of global energy consumption and 60% of the electricity generated. The world energy transition has begun, but it will take time for the global energy supply to become sufficiently diverse to totally phase out carbon-based energy.

In the next 30 years, these resources will still play a major role in transport, heating, or by-product production. Optimising production methods are therefore essential to reduce our overall carbon footprint, protect the environment and preserve resources for future generations.

With 15 years of experience serving our clients and partners, Ad Terra Energy’s specialists have over 500 years of cumulated experience. We remain at the forefront of technology, providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for oil and gas exploration and production.

For example, we optimise drilling operations to avoid losses due to terrain specificities or gas flaring. We can also plan reinjection sites for the CO2 generated by industrial processes and fossil fuels combustion, most notably in power plants.

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Case studies

Oil and Gas : High Resolution Modeling

Several challenges are faced in the development of a reservoir. The reservoir simulation model must accurately predict the past, current, and future performance of the field. A strong link must exist between the conceptual model and the production data from the reservoir to ensure optimized operational management.

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