Shallow to Deep Geothermal Energy

Capturing and producing subsurface thermal heat will enable us to not only heat our homes and offices, but also produce electricity. Whether the source is at shallow or deep depths, geothermal energy will play a key role to meet the current needs for sustainable and local energy solutions.

The use of geothermal probes has become standard for heating new buildings constructed in Switzerland and across Northern Europe. Medium-depth geothermal energy already supplies large parts of Paris. Deep geothermal energy provides more than half of the electricity consumed in Iceland, Costa Rica, and Tuscany.

These advances allow the partial replacement of fossil fuels by an equally natural but inexhaustible resource: the natural heat flux emitted by the Earth’s crust and mantle.

At Ad Terra Energy, we use our expertise and knowledge of the Earth’s subsurface to support our clients and partners in their efforts to produce geothermal energy. The skills and equipment needed for exploring and developing oil and gas reservoirs are complementary to those needed for geothermics. As a result, we are able to provide the most advanced technology to identify the ideal reservoir, drill efficiently and safely, and produce heat in a sustainable and efficient manner.

We have developed conceptual models that use subsurface CO2 stocks, featuring closed systems that combine geothermal energy and natural gas. These innovations are realised together with our industry and international research partners.

Strategic or Targeted advice

Study of local potential

Exploratory drilling

Economic studies

Project methodology

Regulatory compliance

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Global project management

Specification design

Tender procedure

Partner selection

Risk management

Construction site management

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Global project management

Estimation of reserves and resources

Preparation and review of development plans

Evaluation of complex recovery techniques (e.g., EOR, CBM)

Production Optimisation

Operational support to improve performance

Economic analysis

Risk evaluation and management

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Swiss Geo Energy

Advice based on practical experience

In order to offer our clients geothermal advice based on real field experience, Ad Terra has initiated Swiss Geo Energy: a geothermal exploration, development and production project designed with both sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. The goal is to transfer skills and apply our extensive experience gained from traditional energies to demonstrate the economic and power generation potential of geothermal energy.

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Case studies

Geophysics: Seismic Acquisition

Reflection seismology and seismic imaging today is one of the most powerful geophysical methods. It is successfully applied in Geothermal, Petroleum, Mining, and Nuclear Storage exploration.

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