Energy Storage

Energy storage is an essential component of any energy strategy, a point well-illustrated by the use of hydroelectric dams in Switzerland. The growing energy demand and a transition in production methods, requires an increase our energy storage capacity and alignment of the related processes to avoid the foreseen gas and electricity shortages.

One of our areas of expertise is carbon capture and storage, a process which may be used in conjunction with closed loop geothermal systems for the purposes of renewable heat and electricity production. The same principles can be extended to underground storage of hydrogen or other gases. Ad Terra Energy has initiated collaborations with various operators using this methodology to store excess spring and summer photovoltaic production in the form of hydrogen which is then converted into electricity the colder seasons when demand increases.

Projects inspired by geothermal energy hold promise for future energy storage. In particular, the storage of surplus hot water produced from solar power or industry in natural underground reservoirs. The objective is to conserve and then recover the heat from the water produced by these systems to then redistribute it in local heating networks, all with a zero-carbon footprint.

Based on proven methodologies and expertise, we plan and manage feasibility and prospecting studies. We also support our clients in the areas of production and distribution using our extensive network of partner operators and constant monitoring of practices in a rapidly evolving distribution sector.

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Geophysics: Seismic Processing

Reflection seismology is commonly recognized as one of the most powerful geophysical methods. Specific exploration targets for Geothermal, Petroleum, Mining or Nuclear Storage industries define unique processing workflow for every acquired seismic dataset.

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