Mining Exploration

We need to identify and operate, safely and sustainably, new mineral deposits to reach the climate objectives. Graphite, lithium, cobalt, copper and aluminium are commodities necessary to meet the growing demand for renewable energy.

According to the World Bank, it will need more than 3 billion tonnes of these materials to keep global warming below the 2°C target.

Successful mining operations require many specific skills. It involves complex decision-making based on geological, metallurgical, economic, financial, environmental, and social factors.

Ad Terra Energy has solid experience planning, developing and executing new exploration projects. Our field experience is particularly useful for mineral exploration, mining target definition, exploratory drilling, geological modelling, and data analysis phases.

Our experts are specialised in all major types of mineral deposits, most notably in the fields of:

  • Geology/geological mapping (training, operations, and management)
  • Remote sensing
  • Exploration program management
  • Geophysical surveying (operations and supervision)
  • Structural interpretation (training, operations, and supervision)
  • Drilling (operations and supervision)
  • Logging & sampling (training, operations, and supervision)

Swiss Geo Energy

Advice based on practical experience

In order to offer our clients geothermal advice based on real field experience, Ad Terra has initiated Swiss Geo Energy: a geothermal exploration, development and production project designed with both sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. The goal is to transfer skills and apply our extensive experience gained from traditional energies to demonstrate the economic and power generation potential of geothermal energy.

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Data Base Management

Multi-disciplinary projects involve a large amount of data of various nature that must be securely stored, quality checked and carefully organised to ensure confidentiality and high-quality analyses.

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